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Ways to lose weight in sleep

How To Weightloss

While weight loss has always been considered a chore, research has shown that it is possible to burn more calories at night than at the gym or diet.
A report published on a health website, based on research by a team of researchers at the University of Iowa, found that unhealthy changes in intestinal bacteria can cause weight gain.
Another similar study found that sleep deprivation can accelerate weight gain by up to 55 percent.
Indian food expert Neha Chhanda said slight changes in intestinal bacteria can affect insulin resistance, increase appetite-reducing hormones, and even alter metabolism.
The Mumbai-based nutritionist said, “During sleep, our body heals and reorganizes itself All of these bacteria work best at this time.
The report mentions some ways to lose weight during sleep.
Eating before dinner: Do not eat dinner overnight. There should be a substantial gap between dinner and bedtime.
Eating meat: According to experts, most meat contains an amino acid called tryptophan, which has the ability to wake up. Even just a few ounces of meat can increase the length of deep sleep. So it is better not to eat meat before going to sleep.
Eating pepper: Studies have shown that one of the most effective ways to burn fat is to eat pepper. Incorporating pepper in your regular diet can help you burn fat faster in your sleep.

How To Weightloss

Protein before bed : Eating protein before going to sleep speeds up metabolism. The researchers found that a person who ate only 30 grams of meat for breakfast had a much higher metabolism rate until breakfast the next morning.
Vegetables produce more heat than sugars or fats, meaning the body burns more calories when digesting meat.
Rescuer after mint : The idea is that mint or mint leaves can reduce weight. So you can smell mint leaves every hour. If you want, you can also apply a few drops of peppermint oil on the pillow before going to bed.
Leave the AC: Relatively cold weather subtly increases the efficiency of some special cells. These cells store gray fat. This fat keeps the body warm by burning the fat that has accumulated in the abdomen. So you can leave the AC and go to sleep by lowering the room temperature.