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If you want to know how to prevent pimples, learning the causes of them is essential. Unfortunately, the underlying reason is sometimes hormone-related, so not much can be done in that case. However, the most common reason pimples form? Blocked pores.

Your Face and Pores

Pimples can occur anywhere on your back, chest, or face. But check this out: you have approximately 20,000 pores on your face alone! While pores serve a lot of different functions, the large amount of them give you plenty of chances to end up with a clogged one. And that’s exactly what causes pimples and zits to form!

Whenever a pore is clogged, either with dead skin, sebum, makeup, etc., there is now a blockage of that pore. You have sebaceous glands inside pores which create the sebum, however it is now trapped behind the blockage. This leads to bacteria growth in those pores, and the final result? Something like this:

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With a clogged pore, and bacteria growing inside of it, the all-too-familiar inflammation and visible spot(s) occur. I know I’ve struggled with the above too many times, that’s why I wanted to learn how to prevent pimples. If we know the “why” and “how”, it’s easier to deal with the “what”!

Are There Any Other Factors?

While the science is still out on a few of these topics, below is a list of potential role-players:

Diet: The jury isn’t quite clear on this one, but it makes sense. A good diet generally leads to good health, so one would assume skin care would be involved with that. Vitamins A, D, and E play a role in healthy skin, so it’s possible that eating a well-balanced diet featuring these could help you get rid of pimples. Also, avoiding greasy and highly-processed foods helps a lot.

Testosterone: According to scientists, there does appear to be a connection between pimples and high levels of testosterone. The belief is that higher test levels can cause the sebaceous glands to be more active, creating more oil on your skin.

Genetics: If acne tends to run in your family, then there’s not much you can change, unfortunately. However, that doesn’t mean you will necessarily have it, plus we will still show you how to prevent pimples (or at least try!).