What Causes Pimples, – 8 Reasons

What Causes Pimples
What Causes Pimples, – 8 Reasons

Do you have a new pimple this morning when you woke up from your bed?Now, you need to get rid of it because you have an important meeting today? Well, don’t worry! We have listed here what  causes pimples to grow on your face overnight. This will help you prevent a pimple next time.

This article focuses on the causes of pimples based on a deep research. Pimples are also famously known as Blackheads, Acne, Spots or Zit.

There are many causes for a pimple. Pimples generally occur on the face, especially the forehead.

Your skin is one of the most important places where your body itself removes and gets rid of the illness, toxins, stresses and even low-level infections.

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Before you start panicking, let us see what causes pimples on the face and how to get rid of pimples.

What is the Basic Cause of Pimples?

Our skin has pores as you all know. The outer layer of the skin sheds continuously. If we don’t wash our face often, the dead skin cells may stick on the face and get glued to the face which ultimately causes blockage in the pore. This blockage by the dead skin cell may cause infections and inflammation.

Hormonal Problem, unhygienic conditions, unbalanced diet, stress or an issue with any of the internal organs of your body may cause a pimple on your face. Pimples are generally found on the forehead, cheeks or the nose.


You go out on a long drive often or you may have gone out to the market to get the groceries and it may have been a tiresome day throughout. Remember, your body produces different types of oils and so does the skin. When these oils are not removed off your skin or the face, they tend to stick on to your face thereby, causing a blockage of the pores on the face. This blockage ultimately causes pimples on your face.

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Makeup Kits

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup kit? Ohh! So, you don’t remember! Well, the problem may be in it. It is advised to clean up your makeup kit especially the brushes that you use. There may be some remains on it, that get stuck on  your face causing you a brand new pimple. Also, you must check for the expiry date of the products that are present in your makeup kits. The expiry date is not just a date. It is an alert for the user to stop using it and throw it away from your makeup kits. The acids in the beauty products do not work the same way after its expiry date. So, ensure that you are using proper products.

Dusty Atmosphere

You had an on field work today and you suddenly see a pimple on your face after coming home? The dust particles in the atmosphere may have stuck on to your face and you might not have washed it. As said above, the dust particles cause blockage in the pores leading to pimples on the face. So, make sure that you clean and wash your face often.

High Usage of Beauty Products

How many facials did you get this month? Did you overdo any beauty therapy? According to Acne specialists, high usage of makeup and beauty treatments may also cause a pimple on your face. So, whatever you do, please keep it within limits. Our skin is really a sensitive part. Keep it carefully.

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One of the primary reason for a pimple is the food that you eat! Let us see what food causes pimples on your face. According to the Skin specialists, foods with high fatty acid content are mainly responsible for causing Pimples. These foods primarily include cashew nuts, almonds, peanuts, avocados and fish. The conclusion is not to stop eating these foods, but if you eat in a proper manner with a proper exercise routine, there is no harm in eating these foods. Also, spicy food can largely contribute to pimples. Reducing the fat intake in your body and increasing the water intake may help you get rid of the pimple problem.


Do you wear a hat? Or a Stole over your face while riding your bike? Well, the friction causes with the hat on your upper forehead area may be the reason of the newly grown a pimple on your face. Sometimes, the cloth does not suit our skin and it starts itching. This may be the cause of a pimple on your upper forehead. Make sure that you wear only those clothes that are sufficiently of good quality and does not give any problem to the skin.


Did you have an on field work today? Was the temperature too high outside? Excessive heat in the atmosphere may cause a pimple on your face. You might have to go out today under the burning Sun and the next morning you may have a pimple. Ensure that you keep away from the Sun as much as possible. Some people are allergic to heat. Heat can also be caused by the food that you eat? Did you have too many Eggs, Dry fruits, Chicken, Fish, Red Meat or Nuts recently? Well, that may be the cause of a pimple. The only preventive method is to drink sufficient water to clear out the heat inside your body.

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Mobile Phones

It is commonly seen that our Mobile phones contain a lot of dust and even bacterias on them.

We do not generally clean our Mobile phones. We use it without cleaning for months continuously.

It is possible for any bacteria and dust particles to deposit on it. Maybe near the volume buttons or the power buttons. The mobile phones are constantly near our face at least half a day. So, make sure that you clean your mobile phones on a regular basis.

Well, these were some of the causes of the pimples. Let us know if you have any suggestions