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About Us

Why TopHealthMedicine? Well, we’re not exactly about the capitalistic medicinal complex where you’re advised to take a pill for every twitch in your pinky finger. Nope. We believe in the ancient, almost-magical remedies that have been whispered from one generation to another, in dimly lit rooms, around a cauldron… Okay, maybe not a cauldron, but you get the idea.

“Wellness Secrets at Home”, isn’t just a cool phrase we thought would look great on a t-shirt. Though, come to think of it, merch isn’t a bad idea. Anyway! This is our ethos. It’s our philosophical belief (yes, we have those) that wellness shouldn’t be something that’s locked away in the depths of corporate labs, but something you can achieve in the comfort of your home. Something accessible. Like a 2 am snack.

While we’re serious about health, we’re also serious about not taking ourselves too seriously. Life’s too short for that. So, expect a heavy dose of humor, a dash of wit, and perhaps an irrelevant yet strangely fascinating fact or two about 19th-century Russian literature, because, why not?

Whether you’re looking to cure a stubbed toe, an itchy scalp, or just searching for a healthier lifestyle without the mumbo-jumbo, we’re here for you. Remember: When in doubt, come to our blog.

DFTBA! (Don’t Forget to Be Awesome)

Yours in conspiratorial health and wellness,

The TopHealthMedicine Team.