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Coronavirus Weightloss

Weight gain is very normal due to house arrest. Because even if you want to, you can no longer walk outside or go to the gym to exercise.

But you can lose weight at home if you want. Let’s find out how to lose weight

👉How To weightloss easy👉
1. Nutritionists recommend keeping a spoonful of ghee with the food you eat for three days. Ghee fatty acids reduce excess fat.

2. Khichuri is a high-protein food rich in amino acids. These foods increase digestion, keep the stomach light and are a good source of prebiotics, which shed fat.

3.You can eat chutney or pickle with lunch. These foods naturally provide your vitamin B12 and beneficial bacteria. It contains vitamin K, A and probiotic bacteria.

4. With both hands, keeping the head down, the whole body can stay for a while with the weight on the hands and pulling in the opposite direction. This is a good exercise. In addition, you can do this exercise with the mass on the body wall. It improves blood circulation in the body, strengthens the spine.

5. Adequate sleep is needed along with food to lose weight and stay healthy

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